Early Impeachment Polls Indicate Support for Yes Campaign

A recent poll was carried out by the University Observer, on Tuesday 24th October before the Hustings took place in the Student Centre Atrium. The results of the poll indicate a majority support for the Yes Campaign in the Impeachment Referendum currently happening in UCD today and tomorrow.Students of UCD were asked, at random, various questions about the referendum for the impeachment of the SU President.96% of students asked, said they were aware of the impeachment referendum taking place this week, however 42.6% expressed not having the knowledge in how to vote in the referendum.When asked if the student felt they were informed as to why the referendum was taking place, a substantial 92% of students said they were.Of the students that were interviewed on if they will vote in the referendum, 85.33% said they would, with only 13.33% saying they would not. 1.33% refrained from answering.The final question of the poll, inquired as to how students will vote in the referendum, 54.67% of students told the University Observer that they would be voting 'Yes' to impeaching the SU President, Katie Ascough. Only 13.33% said they would vote 'No' to impeachment, with 17.33% undecided at the time of polling.Voting takes place today and will remain open to UCD students until 8:00pm tomorrow (Thursday October 26th). To find the polling station for the various different degrees, please follow this link.