Dunga: "Ronaldinho had his chance"


Killian Woods, at the Emirates Stadium, London

Post match, Brazil’s coach Dunga was brought to task over the absence of AC Milan duo Ronaldinho and Alexandre Pato from his squad. Responding to the queries, Dunga remarked, “I played once and now I don’t anymore. Players come and go”, he continued, “Every player has had their chance to be in this team. Ronaldinho had his chance and so did Pato”.


Dressed in a stylish woolen turtle neck jumper, Dunga was full of praise for his team. This squad that Ireland played against is the result of “3 and half years work” and have been prepared so as to peak when the World Cup in South Africa evetually comes along.

Robinho particularly impressed Dunga today and his comments echoed his views: “Robinho has been decisive today. He has a big heart for the national side”, however the former World Cup winning captain was not going to be drawn into an emphatic adoration of reformed wing-back Michel Bastos. The Olympique Lyonnais player was an ever present on the left wing and had an excellent evening, however, Dunga is well aware that certain sections of the Brazilian media love to hype up a player only to watch him fall, and so Dunga wanted to have no part to play in that story line.

There was a strange sense that Dunga proverbially held the press conference with his two fingers stuck up at the journalists as he dismissed any point he was challenged on. Giovanni Trapattoni on the other hand was his usual open self and more than willing to trade thoughts with the media.

The Italian stressed that he felt Ireland played to the “same level” as Brazil for most of the match and certain referee mistakes gave Brazil the incentive to push on a secure the win. Not one to solely blame the referee, Trapattoni did admit, “Life is not about if, if, if. We made some silly mistake and we gave them opportunities”.

Playing time that players are getting at their respective clubs came up twice in his comments as he cited the need to make numerous substitutions being attributed to the player getting a lot of playing time, “I wanted to give players in Premiership a rest”. He also spoke of how the lack of match time certain players were getting at their clubs was a major factor to why Ireland could not maintain their valiant defensive effort.

Next up for Ireland is a set of summer friendlies against Paraguay and Algeria to be hosted in the RDS.