Dublin’s best burritos

Image Credit: samuelfernandezrivera on pixabay

Longtime lover of Tex-Mex, Heather Reynolds, breaks down the best burritos Dublin has to offer its student population.

The burrito has long been an established staple of the student diet in Dublin. Filling, packed with protein and veg, and with most venues offering student deals that give you a hearty meal for under €8, it's no wonder that there are mile-long queues whenever the Boojum truck visits UCD campus. That being said, it's time to break down the empirical ranking of the Burrito and Tex-Mex options this city has to offer, as judged by me, a vegetarian, and my friend who has tried some of the meat options from some locations.

1. Little Ass Burritos, Curved Street, Temple Bar

Little Ass has been my go to for years, and not just because it's on my work commute. They have such a variety of filling options and great salsa choices. The flavour combinations are incredible, and well worth the extra €2 it costs in comparison to other restaurants. Plus, if you go for the taco option instead, you get heaps of complimentary chips and guac. I’d personally recommend the Super Batata bowl, which has gotten me through many a late shift. The burritos may be closer to €10 than €5, but they heap in that delicious spicy goodness, and they’ll be delivering to campus once their Rathmines branch reopens.

2. The Hungry Mexican, Ashton Quay

Another option that's a bit on the pricier side, but there are times where you’ve just got to shell out that little bit extra for quality food. The Hungry Mexican is another spot with heaps of options, and genuinely has something to fit everyone's fancy. I’m personally a huge fan of their spiced plantain, and with seven different options before you even get to the fillings, you can be sure that anyone you bring will leave full and happy. It is a primarily sit-down spot, but you can also put in a pick-up order online if you’re on the go.

3. Mama’s Revenge, Leinster Road

Right across the road from the College Green bus stops is a small but delicious burrito hotspot. It’s bumped down a few spots due to its lack of options in comparison to our top two, but the food is hot, filling, and full of variety. It’s right by the central spot for picking up a UCD bus from town, and so it's perfect for a quick bite on your way to or from a packed day of classes. It doesn’t have a Student Discount, but it frankly doesn’t need one, with burritos starting at €6.50.

4. Tula, Essex Str. East, Temple Bar

Tula is a newer spot on the Dublin burrito scene, and a little more tucked away than some of the other options on this list. Situated on the western end of Temple Bar, right by Milanos and the National Photography Museum, this burrito bar has a multitude of tasty filling options, delicious salsa, and offers cauliflower rice for those looking to pack in just a touch more veg into their day. Their prices are pretty firmly mid range, but for the amount of food you get for your money it’s well worth it. If you’re ever looking to line your stomach before a night in Temple Bar, or are stuck for a dinner waiting for a bus on Dame Street, Tula would definitely be my first port of call.

5. Boojum, Branches across Dublin

I’d be remiss to write this list without mentioning the Titan of the Dublin Tex-Mex scene. It opens late, the food is tasty, and its student deal leaves it incredibly affordable for the UCD pocket. I would recommend getting the bowl if you’re going - they stack those bowls high. I’ve gotten through a full day working retail on the veggie bowl with extra salsa alone. There are very few meals that give you the staying power of the burrito bowl, and in that regard, Boojum has got the job locked down. However, like Mama’s Revenge, Boojum lacks the options that other stops have, and it lacks the quality of Mama’s Revenge, placing it near the bottom of the list.

6. Pablo Picante, Branches across Dublin

My fingers are crossed that I just got there at a bad time whenever I’ve tried it, but Pablo Picante does underperform in comparison to the other spots on the list. One of the beautiful things about a burrito, in my opinion, is the variety of flavour that you get between your rice, beans, filling, and salsa, but Pablo Picante all just felt a bit homogenous when I’ve had the opportunity to visit. They do still have a very reasonable student deal and they have a branch right where the UCD buses stop on Dawson Street, so feel free to check it out yourself - maybe even give it a proper review for us if you disagree with me. It does come very highly recommended by most other platforms. But for me, the veggie options just felt very flat, and I’ve yet to find a meat-eater to come along with me to see if those options have what the others lack.