Dublin Fringe Festival 2019

This year celebrates the twenty fifth anniversary of Dublin Fringe Festival, and events will be kicking off on September 7th until September 22nd. Since 1995, Dublin Fringe Festival has been a way to celebrate and showcase new, entertaining, innovative and emotionally moving approaches to art through a multi-disciplinary showcase of talent. With 77 productions taking place over 36 venues in the heart of Dublin City, Dublin Fringe Festival caters to almost every interest. Fringe provides a platform for fresh talent, and actively encourages the public to engage with these new and exciting artists.

Dublin Fringe Festival holds and often demands the audience’s attention and engagement through dialogue and interactive performances. Funded jointly by the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Fáilte, Dublin City Council and Fáilte Ireland, The Fringe Festival is a vital resource in ensuring the survival of Irish cultural life. Over the course of 16 days, Dublin is transformed into a vibrant hub of talent, innovation and beauty. All 77 productions that run throughout these next 16 days’ pay homage to this vibrancy by using The Fringe Festival to seize this opportunity for innovation. They cross disciplines and artistic boundaries, and find new ways to create, display and engage the audience in their art.

With there being so many events to see at Dublin Fringe Festival a we have compiled a short list, covering some of the best and brightest events to keep an eye out for:

How To Square A Circle – Aisling Ní Cheallaigh and Ronan Brady

Summarised with the line “Just because something is impossible, doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying”, How To Square A Circle is a mixture of acrobatics that defy gravity, aerial dance and pure laughter with two of Ireland’s leading circus performers. It is a story of the ego, friendship, love, and the joy a single cup of tea can provide. An event to warm hearts and spark inspiration, ticket limited, so book well in advance to avoid disappointment. It runs from the 18th-21st September in The Lir Academy – Studio.
Ticket Cost: €15/€13 concession

Dungeons and Naggins – Steve Bennett

Whether you played Dungeons and Dragons or not, this event still might be for you, as Steve Bennett confesses, he has barely played the game either; and he’s the one who wrote this role-playing game/comedy extravaganza!. Dungeons and Naggins is a simplified version of the imagination-based game, with some top comedians added to improvise the story and actively engage the audience. Don’t worry, illustrations will be provided to show you what’s happening.                                    Runs from 17th-21st September in The Workmans Club – The Vintage Room. Ticket Cost: €13/€11 concession

Things We’ve Always Wanted to Tell You - Scottee & Friends Ltd.

If you don’t think there’s a class system in Ireland, this show is here to let you know the truth. Scottee & Friends will be in Project Arts Centre sharing tales of the reality of growing up working class in Ireland, with all that it entails. Join this motley crew for a dinner party you were never invited to, and in turn learn about them, Ireland, and maybe even yourself.

Runs from 18th-21th of September in Project Arts Centre – Cube.
Ticket Cost: €16/€14 concession.

Making a Mark – Talking Shop Ensemble and Run of The Mill Theatre.

Mark has lived a most extra-ordinary life. Having competed in the World Games, played King Lear to sell-out shows, while also packing bags in Tesco’s for 20 years, Mark’s story is not even half told. This production will be part live interview, part self-led confessional. It also provides a turning point for Mark as he accepts that this is his life and it is time, he took a seat at the table. This production, through its reiteration of Marks ambition, grief and frustration will be the making of him. He only asks if you are ready for what he has to say?

Runs for one show only on September 17th at Axis in Ballymun.
Ticket Cost: €16/€14 concession.

All tickets can be booked online at Dublin Fringe Festival’s website.