Dramsocs Busy Calendar returns for Semester 1 Slots

Image Credit: UCD Dramsoc

The many contributors of UCD Dramsoc’s semester 1 shows take us through their experiences and hopes for the coming performances

It's that time of year where UCDs Dramsoc starts their busy schedule of two show weeks. I got in touch with Dramsoc auditor Ewa and the directors of the upcoming shows to check in and see what’s coming up on the Dramsoc calendar.

The first show in Week 10 (14th- 18th November) at 7 pm will be ‘The 39 Steps (Abridged)’ written by Patrick Barlow and directed by Morgan Ward.

I reached out to the director, Morgan, to ask what we can expect from this show and how it’s coming along – “It’s a murder, I think! A conspiracy, maybe? Scandalous, for sure!! Those are the grounding tenants or perhaps farces that create The 39 Steps. This is one of those unique parody shows where every line is a reference to those aware and a brilliant joke to those who aren’t, and that’s exactly what drew me to The 39 Steps. I’m a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies, which this play is parodying, but upon reading it I discovered it also combines one of my great loves as a director and theatre-maker — plays where the actors are aware they are in a play. I love self-referential humour and this play is full of it. I’m so excited to sink my teeth into it and to play and explore with this amazing cast I’ve assembled. So far it’s been a dream and I’m truly honoured to be a part of it.”

The following week there will be 2 shows, one in the afternoon at 1 pm and another one in the evening at 7 pm.

The Week 11 (21st - 25th November) 1 pm show will be an original play, ‘Richard and the Apple Tree’, written and directed by Max McKenna. 

Here’s what Max wants you to know about his upcoming project – “It’s a story about a husband trying to set up for his son’s birthday party the night after he declares he wants to leave his wife. The cast are all super enthusiastic and rehearsals are going great.. The show itself has brought huge challenges for cast members as the characters bring interesting moments of expression and performance opportunities on stage - including but not limited to performing as a Jaoquin Phoenix-esque clown.

The Week 11 (21st - 25th November) 7 pm show will be ‘Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’ written by Joss, Jed and Zach Whedon and Marissa Tancharoen and directed by Lissy Vehrs. 

Lissy has described it as “a fun little show that packs a surprising emotional punch, which is what first drew me to it. It is a story about boy meets girl, infatuation and supervillainous aspirations. But you should know upfront it is not a love story. It also features some really good music.

After directing a show last year I wanted to take on something smaller but nonetheless challenging and Dr. Horrible is just that. My lovely assistant director described the show as "incredibly 2008" at one point. I will let you be the judge of how accurate that description is.

A lot of the cast are Dramsoc freshers and I am really excited to work with them as they are not only a very talented but also a very motivated bunch. And of course I can't not mention my amazing crew, who all bring a bit of their own vision to the production, which I am absolutely stoked for.”

As is tradition with Dramsoc they have packed themselves full of shows for the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the University Observer for upcoming reviews and discussions around these show selections.