Door Kickers

Games based around modern warfare and today’s police forces are in no short supply, but games that choose realism over action and execute this successfully are rare. There are hyper-realistic games in the vein of the ARMA and SWAT series, games that offered a first-person tactical approach to modern war and the modern police force respectively. KillHouse games have had a similar idea.

Door Kickers is a top-down strategy simulation game in which the player takes control of a group of SWAT members raiding and assaulting various targets. Smart tactics and a general knowledge of legitimate strategies used by these special police forces will aid any player as your soldiers are just as vulnerable as your targets. This vulnerability will push players towards a much more careful and methodical approach to breaching and clearing room after room. Rushing in will lead almost certainly to death of one or more members.

Publisher: KillHouse Games

Platform: PC, Mac

Release Date: Out Now

As the player you can direct all your SWAT team in their movements and direction of view. They will automatically engage any hostile target which enters their field of view (FOV), but will not adjust this FOV for new targets. Players must account for all angles when assaulting a building or room, and the game can be paused at any time for breathing room to adjust tactics and movements. This pause function is very useful when used in tandem with the point-to-point movement and FOV system. Left-clicking a team member will select them and right-clicking elsewhere will tell them to move to that location. But holding down the right-mouse button will direct their view; this allows for movement while covering an open doorway or window for example. ‘Go codes’ can be given (i.e. Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie) so that certain movements or actions will only be executed upon that order. All of this culminates in a tense atmosphere as you pause and unpause, moving your members in pairs or groups to neutralise the enemy and save hostages.

Door Kickers currently contains four campaigns with over six individual missions each, with more campaigns promised in future updates. These campaigns are continuous, meaning if a team member is killed, they remain dead for the remainder of the campaign. Injured members will recover after one or two missions depending on the extent of their wounds. There are also eighty-one pre-built single missions which can be played and replayed with no worry of losing members for future missions. To top off this plethora of content, there is also a mission generator which randomly generates a map with variable size and enemy density.

Your SWAT members are not nameless grunts either. They each have their own faces, masks, helmets, names and nicknames, all of which can be changed and altered, or in the case of names, edited and created. These members have their own skills which vary and increase with more experience in missions. These include stealth, ability to shoot while moving and overall accuracy. The customisation for these troopers fall under five classes; Pointman, Assaulter, Breacher, Stealth, and Shield. Each class is unlocked after a number of levels are gained for the team. There are also plenty of weapons to equip your team with, from pistols and rifles to shotguns, silenced weapons and shields. The team can also be customised with different kinds of armour and bullet-proof vests as well as grenades and support gear (e.g. breaching hammer or lock picking kits).

Door Kickers is currently available on Steam and KillHouse Games’ website for twenty euro. Given the amount of content available currently and the amount promised it is definitely worth a purchase. That price does not even include the abundant and ever expanding community which is continuously creating their own maps, weapons and campaigns for free on Steam’s workshop.