Dolores Cahill no longer employed by UCD

Image Credit: Pexels: ThisIsEngineering, free to use

Cahill is no longer employed in her previous role as professor in the UCD faculty of medicine, according to a report by The Journal.

Discussion initially began over the last few days, when she was removed from the list of staff members on UCD’s website. Through a number of inquiries, The now confirms that her employment with UCD has ceased. 

Dolores Cahill has been adamant in her anti-lockdown stance throughout much of the pandemic. Her consistent peddling of false claims about Covid-19 and the rollout of vaccinations have seen her become a figure of controversy. 

Her attendance at the Resist and Act for Freedom protest in Trafalgar Square last year, and subsequent failure to answer bail saw a warrant be issued for her arrest, as reported by The University Observer here

When asked on the matter, a spokesperson from UCD stated that “UCD does not comment on staff matters.”