“Does being in person really mean I have to stop doing lectures in my underwear?” Students respond to on-campus learning

I know Covid was bad, alright, but can we just admit once and for all that lockdown was better?

Sure, the internet messed with classes and socialising was hard, but for those of us that need a little break from the sounds and smells of other human beings in our space, learning and socialising through the screen was a lot better.  We at The Harpy took to the concourse and asked students for their opinions.

“I can’t tell if my pants are tighter now ‘cause I put on weight or ‘cos I got so used to my comfy pyjamas” one interviewee told us.

Another confided, “I didn’t realise how much I farted ‘til I had started holding in around people again. I miss just being able to use my own toilet and never queue”.

“I know other people missed the whole nights out and socialising aspect, but I have to say I really thrived under circumstances where I could mute people I don’t like and not be visible if I didn’t want to be,” one student told us.

“Sometimes when lectures are boring, I like to take a little nap or play games at the same time,” a student confessed, “and it’s really hard to do that when you’re literally in the classroom ‘cause people can be really judgemental, you know?”

We propose a move back to at least blended learning or optional in-person participation, sure for people with disabilities, but also, crucially, for those of us struggling from the very real issues mentioned above.