On Thursday 6th November at 1.10PM in the Fitzgerald Chamber, UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholars bring a reading of Eamon Carr’s Deirdre Unforgiven to UCD

On Thursday 6th November, the UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholars will perform Deirdre Unforgiven: A Journal of Sorrows, written by Eamon Carr, in the Fitzgerald Chamber at UCD. Blending an ancient myth with events in Northern Ireland around the millennium, the piece is an introspective and dynamic one that engages with the human aspect of The Troubles. The play tells the stories of different people throughout the Troubles, as they recount their experiences to a young journalist.

While the Troubles are vital to this performance, so too is Irish mythology, and the two are interwoven throughout the piece. Rosa Bowden plays the Old Woman in the performance, and explains the links with mythology. The old woman is “the ancient Celtic Goddess of War and a shape-shifter. She is in many ways all-knowing as she appears throughout Irish Mythology as a black crow, symbolizing death and its ever presence.”

The Performing Arts Scholars decided to perform this piece when their mentor, Kellie Hughes brought it to them. “As the play is extremely rich in poetic language and symbolism it was a great learning curve for us as drama scholars as we had to really work with the language to uncover the story. What is interesting about it is that it skillfully blends both the recent history of the Troubles with the mythological story of Deirdre of Sorrows in a way that universally relates to human nature and conflict in general.”

Their performance will focus specifically on the language and writing of Eamon Carr, rather than a traditional play. “The play will be performed as a rehearsed reading, so there will be no blocking. What we will mainly be focusing on is the language and the story.”

Carr’s piece is an important piece of modern Irish writing. Bowden explains that “the play itself was published last year, however has yet to be performed. This will give students a chance to engage with a highly powerful piece of literature and drama ahead of its professional production. It will also showcase what the Ad Astra Performing Arts Academy can do and will be of particular interest to those students who are considering applying for the academy in January.”

The performance is free for all students of UCD to attend, and will showcase modern Irish writing as well as emerging talent in the field of theatre. An exciting and innovative idea, the Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholars are pleased to be able to present this new work to the students of UCD.