Analysing the ins and outs of the most recent Left 4 Dead game in the series, Steven Balbirnie is wholly impressed

The Sacrifice is the latest downloadable content to be released for the Left 4 Dead series. The game’s developer, Valve (creators of Portal and Half-Life), is well known for supporting their games with new content long after release.

The Left 4 Dead games centre on a team of four survivors fighting against the zombie apocalypse in different parts of the United States. Each game is divided into campaigns where the survivors must battle their way through the infected hordes to a rescue vehicle.

The Sacrifice is the newest campaign available for download to both of the games; with the Left 4 Dead 2 version including a revamped version of the No Mercy campaign from the original with all of the new enemies, items and weapons from the sequel. The DLC costs 560 points on Xbox, but is free for PC and Mac.

The Sacrifice appears to be the final chapter in the saga of the original survivors: Zoey, Francis, Louis and Bill; forming a bridge between the end of the first game and The Passing campaign in Left 4 Dead 2, where the two teams of survivors cross paths.

The Sacrifice is the most challenging campaign yet; with an unrelenting stream of enemies and a finale which will test the hardiest of Left 4 Dead veterans. The finale is very cleverly designed, as it forces one of the players to make a heroic decision.

The campaign can be played offline solo or with a friend, or online with three people playing as the other survivors. What gives The Sacrifice longevity is the multitude of game modes in addition to the campaign, including survival, versus and scavenge.

In survival, the players must hold out against waves of zombies for as long as possible. Versus is one of the most enjoyable game modes, as eight players compete online in a four-versus-four match, with one team playing as survivors trying to escape, and the other playing as special-infected zombies trying to kill the survivors.

Scavenge is a round-based competition with the teams switching between playing as humans and zombies, where the humans have to try and gather as much fuel supplies as they can while the zombies try to stop them. The game has further replayability in the form of mutations whereby Valve adds a special playing mode, which they change on a weekly basis.

The Sacrifice is perfect for anyone who is a fan of horror or first-person shooters.