Class reps to meet with SU individually

Image Caption: de Brún is keen to meet with class reps to ensure that they are doing their jobs properly. UCD Students’ Union Campaigns and Communications Vice-President Pat de Brún began individual meetings with all the class representatives last Friday, in a bid to ensure that they are covering all aspects of their job effectively.De Brún has compiled a list of questions to address with the class reps which include whether they have introduced themselves to lecturers and Head of School, whether regular lecture addressing had been taking place and if they had helped classmates with any academic issues.The process of meeting class representatives one-on-one is intended to introduce a new level of “accountability and quality assurance for ourselves [the Union] and for the class reps,” says de Brún.Until this year, it has been the job of the faculties’ respective Programme Officers to meet with their class reps and report on their progress to the Campaigns and Communications Officer. De Brún insists that this is still the case however he just wants to “bring it up a notch and to ensure that no one falls through the net.”The sheer number of class representatives means that the newly introduced personal meetings have the potential to be a very time consuming process. However, de Brún was keen to point out that it’s “not going to be an interrogation or anything, it’s just gonna be a quick chat, 10 minutes, that’ll be it.” He has, however, allocated half of his Fridays to the task, as “Friday tends to be a quiet enough day, so I thought that would be a suitable day and a productive thing to do.”These meetings are “a bit of oversight” according to de Brún, “just to make sure class reps are doing their jobs. I think the most effective way of doing that is to meet them one-on-one.’’De Brún emphasised that with so much controversy surrounding the cost of class rep training, he felt it was necessary to establish that class reps were performing as they should be, “I think class rep training can only be justified if we have effective reps who are doing their job and I just want to ensure that that's happening.”He added: “Obviously I can't control them, but I think it'll absolutely maybe remind them of their duties. Maybe certain aspects of the job might slip their mind and I just want to remind them of that, that there's a lot to being a class rep.”