De Brún elected Students’ Union President as Geoghegan wins Education race

Pat de Brún has been elected as the 2011/2012 Students’ Union President. De Brún received 2,839 votes (57 per cent), which was enough to beat his fellow candidates – Brendan Lannoye (1802 votes – 36 per cent) and Lorcan Gray (253 votes – 1 per cent) – on the first count.In the Education race, Geoghegan got 2,674 votes (54 per cent), beating RON (1,812 votes – 37 per cent) on the second count, after Jennifer Fox was eliminated. Yet despite her inability to actively run for the position of Education Officer, Fox still garnered 678 votes (19 per cent) on the first count.Brendan Lacey was elected as Campaigns and Communications Vice-President in what was a comfortable victory. Lacey secured 2,365 votes (54 per cent) and was elected on the first count. In contrast, Emma Fortune got 1,460 votes (30 per cent), while Suzanne Lee received 579 votes (12 per cent).Rachel Breslin enjoyed a similarly emphatic victory, gaining 2,741 votes (57 per cent), enabling her to beat Regina Brady (1,637 votes – 34 per cent). Lorna Danaher was eliminated on the first count after only receiving 1,264 votes (26 per cent).In the most tightly contested election race, Stephen Darcy narrowly defeated Darragh Kinsella, with 2,324 votes (48 per cent) to Kinsella’s 1,958 votes (40 per cent) on the third count. Robert Manning (1,090 votes – 24 per cent) and Edel Ní Churraoin (794 votes – 16 per cent) had been eliminated on previous counts. Darcy was the only victorious candidate not to reach their quota (2,482 votes).With 5,003 students voting in the presidential race, the elections had a considerably higher turnout than last year when only 4,311 students voted. However, it failed to beat the record-breaking turnout in 2009 when between 5,150 and 5,200 students voted in each of the five races.Meanwhile, the Women’s Officer will now be known as the Gender Equality Officer, with 74 per cent of students voting in favour of the move, and 26 per cent voting against the move.Each of five victorious candidates will take office on July 1st, 2011.The breakdown of the results from the presidential election can be found here: