Counting Kranes


Dublin electrorockers Twinkranes talk to Daniel Fox

Pulsing synthesisers intertwined with a sparse, dissonant guitar behind a wall of drums and floating, almost breathless, vocals: this is the sound of Dublin’s three-piece Twinkranes and their debut album Spektrum Theatre Snakes. The album is a mix of some heavy electro, early psychedelia and krautrock.


As for their sound, drummer/vocalist Anto feels that “everyone has a dark side to them and it’s good to dabble in that with the music, but we like to mix that up and put a pop slant on it as well”. In an Irish music scene that is dominated by happy-go-lucky poprock such as the Blizzards or the Coronas, the band definitely see themselves as an “underground entity”. As they say themselves, “There’s always going to be the chart-orientated stuff at the top, but you have to scratch under the surface to find something interesting and there’s a lot under the surface in Dublin at the moment.”

The band see the recessionary times as a healthy time for Irish underground music, with the revival of a more DIY approach to music, explaining the rising prominence of guerrilla gigs, self-released records and the general trend of promoters take more commercial chances. An example of the interest in promoting underground music in Ireland is the DEAF Festival, which is sponsored by Dublin City Council and the Arts Council. On a financial level, things are also easier for the bands themselves with reduced rates for practice spaces and equipment.

The band feels that the combination of all these factors is “going to make the next few years in Dublin very exciting for underground music.” There is a change in attitude taking place in the Irish music scene at present. With the major Irish festivals ignoring homegrown music, the scene is more focused on making music instead of commercial success and that “the people who are still in it are in for the right reasons.”

You can see the band for yourself as they blast out their mix of nu-krautrock and Nuggets-era psychedelic noise at their album release party at DEAF.

Twinkranes play the Button Factory on 30th October at 11pm as part of DEAF 2009. Tickets €15/€10.