Work on new Student Centre to continue following suspension of strike action

Building work on the new Student Centre will continue today, after it was announced that strike action at the Mater Hospital Construction site has been suspended.The announcement comes after the UNITE trade union and Architectural Aluminium agreed to talks this weekend, following a dispute involving two construction workers.The picket closed the UCD site yesterday when 450 workers refused to cross it, while the action had been due to extend to the Student Centre construction site today, but that has also been suspended.Construction work on the new Student Centre had looked set to come to a halt as a result of the dispute.Work on the Mater Hospital had already been affected yesterday, after two members of UNITE were told on April 1st by a representative of Architectural Aluminium Limited that their work with the company had ended. The company are currently using two sub-contractors to work in their place, while 450 workers are supporting their colleagues in the dispute.[caption id="attachment_14041" align="alignright" width="300" caption=" "][/caption]“This is a blatant case of an employer treating long term well qualified staff with total disregard,” said UNITE Regional organiser Brian Gormley. “Times are tough but there has to be a line where the interests of working people need to be considered.“The support from fellow workers in sacrificing their own day’s pay to support these two men today, and who knows who else next week or next month, shows where the line is.“The two men want their jobs back, to do the work that is there for a fair wage, as is their right.“Pickets will be placed at the Mater Hospital and UCD tomorrow and we hope that the support we have received will force Architectural Aluminium to step back straight away from a wrong choice.”It is currently hoped that the new Student Centre will open in December 2011.UCD representatives were unavailable for a comment at the time the article was published.