Confusion surrounds Commerce Day cancellation


Commerce Day 2010 has been cancelled after the Quinn School of Business withdrew support for the traditional charity event. The reasoning for the cancellation remains unclear however, with conflicting reports coming from those involved in the day’s organisation.

QSoc auditor Matthew Gleeson and a university spokesperson have explained that an organising committee was formed too late to successfully plan the day. However Commerce and Economics (C&E) Society auditor Laura Arnold stated that last year’s committee had experienced problems in delivering the funds raised to their chosen charity, Cara Malawi, and reported that the Quinn School were reluctant to endorse any further events as a result.


commday2Speaking to The University Observer, Arnold stated that she and Gleeson approached the Quinn School, and told them that they would be willing to take charge and chair CommDay but “there was something to do with outstanding payments.” Arnold also said that the school stated “that because of last year, when the charity was left waiting for money, they [UCD Quinn School] said that it couldn’t go ahead.”

However, Gleeson stated that he and Arnold had “left it a bit late in terms of planning,” and that the Quinn School told them that “it would have been in the works for about a month or so already and to acquire licences for collecting stuff would be an awful lot of trouble.”

A spokesperson for the university echoed these views, stating that the cancellation was “partly the result of students not coming forward to the committee in the time required to plan and organise such an event.” It has since emerged, however, that the organising committee for last year’s event did not hold their first meeting until 20th November last year.

Arnold expressed disappointment at the difference in criteria this year, telling The University Observer that “I know that it’s late enough and that we’re coming into exams, but if we get a big enough crew, we have about two months solid to work on it so I think there could be a big possibility of it going ahead.”

Arnold and Gleeson have expressed interest in running an alternative event to CommDay, and are exploring the possibility of launching a ‘Quinn Day’ to include the whole of the Quinn School of Business. Gleeson said that the societies “just want to try and raise some money for charity,” and that they are “still toying with different ideas at the moment.”

The proposed ‘Quinn Day’ would see Commerce Day adapted from its current university-endorsed framework to become an unofficial, entirely student-led event that would likely see many events moved outside of the Quinn School building. However, the plans are in preliminary stages and Arnold was quick to emphasise that a final plan of action for an event “hasn’t been decided yet.”