Confusion clouds Miss UCD competition


THE MISS UCD competition is “unlikely to take place this year”, due to a lack of time and resources necessary to hold the event. The competition, which was scheduled for 4th March, has been delayed indefinitely “unless things are ironed out very fast”, according to Student’s Union (SU) Entertainments (Ents) Officer, Gary Redmond.

At the time of the delay, Mr Redmond had told The University Observer that the Miss UCD competition was to be rescheduled to avoid a clash with the SU elections. However, he now states that “there are a couple of things we still need to sort out. Venues and dates and a couple of other issues I don’t really want to discuss. These are things I’m negotiating directly with the organisers of Miss University.”


Coordinator of the Miss University competition, Ivano Cafolla, said that he had been under the impression that a date for the event would be announced on Friday, 20th March but Mr Redmond refuted this, declaring “this was absolutely not the case. There are still a few issues we don’t agree on and that need to be ironed on before I’d be happy to continue with the competition.”

This is not the first instance of confusion between the two organisers of the Miss UCD event. Before Mr Redmond had announced the first change in the event’s scheduling, Mr Cafolla had pre-booked a venue, club XXI, for the original date. Mr Cafolla confessed that he is finding the event “frustrating” but can only work “with what the union tells him.”

Mr Redmond assured there was no confusion and that he has been “in ongoing discussions with Mr Cafolla from day one.”

“When we do any event, you need to agree with the promoter several things that we’d like to see them do and what they want us to do or else no event takes place,” explained Mr Redmond. “Though by this stage I would have liked to have everything sorted…We are in unchartered waters.”

Mr Redmond has identified the amount of attention the UCD Ball is requiring as a contributing factor to the unlikelihood of the issues surrounding Miss UCD event being sorted out. “To be honest the UCD Ball is taking up 99 per cent of my time at the moment,” he explained. “It takes up a lot of the resources the SU have at the minute because it’s the biggest event of the year. It’s just taking up all our time.”