Complaint lodged over swastika in MusicalSoc poster

A student has lodged a complaint with UCD Estate Services over the inclusion of a swastika in the poster advertising for UCD Musical Society's upcoming production of Cabaret.

Estate Services stated that they were made aware of the student's complaint and "our team raised the issue with the appropriate channels, the Student Society's Officer and the Society Council."

Speaking to The University Observer, auditor of the Musical Society, Rachel Murphy stated: "The image in question, which is not intended to offend or insult, is a rehearsal photograph from our upcoming production of the multiple Tony Award and Academy Award winning Cabaret, and features one of the student actors in costume and makeup for the show, a choice of poster design that our UCD student productions regularly use."

Murphy further explained that "the musical is set in 1930s Berlin against the backdrop of the decline of the Weimar Republic and the rise to power of the Nazi party, and all that entails for those trying to live and work in those conditions."

The Society's Officer and the Chair of the Societies Council were asked for comment, but have not replied at the time of publication.