Community Musical Seek Replacement Producer

Acting Arts Manager Jason Masterson has denounced rumours that the UCD Community Musical has been cancelled and has confirmed the on-going efforts of the Musical’s production team to put on a show this year despite the resignation of the producer.A university spokesperson has stated that following a recent resignation, “there is currently a search on for a replacement producer for the UCD Community Musical”.Masterson was emphatic that this year’s Community Musical would still be going ahead, “the executive production team have already started planning a Community Musical event which will take place in the third term” he explained, “we are very excited and committed to producing an excellent event which will appropriately celebrate the Community Musical's five year anniversary.” The scheduling of the musical for the third term is later than in previous years, as it usually takes place in February.Masterson confirmed that the overall status of the musical’s production has not been compromised by the rumours of management issues; the auditions for this year’s show have not been held yet nor have any ticket sales begun.Details of the show have not yet been announced by the production committee, but Masterson confirmed that they are set to be released in the coming weeks, “we hope to be able to release details of this event before the end of the first term”.Previous years of the UCD Community Musical have seen performances of Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, Guys ‘n’ Dolls and Footloose. There has been no report of any management issues in past years and many of the Community Musicals have seen sell-out runs that have recieved critical acclaim.Masterson has also made an appeal to students who wish to take part in the production of this year’s show, saying that “we are keen to get as many people involved in the planning of this event as possible, so if anyone is interested in being part of a production team for a large scale show they can e-mail”.