Column: Heathers

Hi again!Time is flying. It’s the end of November already and if you believe in that kindof stuff, the world is scheduled to end in about a month. Myself and Louise werein America a few months ago and we got completely hooked on a tv programmecalled Doomsday Bunkers. You might want to have a look into it!Moving on, it has been an interesting two weeks. This week, our second singlewas released off of our album ‘Kingdom’. It’s called ‘Lions, Tigers, Bears’ andit’s definitely one of our favourites to play live. It completely embraces the ‘90sdance phase we were going through while writing the album. We’ll be doingsome radio promotion around the country for it over the next few weeks whichis always fun. Keep your ears peeled!Also, on November 20th, Youtube gave us some pretty amazing exposure on theirhomepage for the entire day, which we were very excited about.As we mentioned in our last entry, we attended the Tatler Woman of the Yearawards the weekend before last. It was pretty amazing. We got to meet somereally talented and inspiring women. Maria Doyle Kennedy, who we havebecome friends with since performing in RTÉ recently, asked us to accept heraward, and she won her category! Thankfully, we did not trip up or drop andbreak the award so it was a successful evening!The next stint of our Irish tour is fast approaching. Our Pepper Cannister gig onDecember 11th is being planned and prepped for at the moment. Strict dress codeof tacky Christmas jumpers to be confirmed!In other news, we’ve been listening to lots of music recently. This generally tendsto happen when we finish writing/recording an album. We can’t listen to a thingwhile writing but we can’t get enough when we’re done. This weeks’ favouritehas to be Alt J and their Mercury prize-winning album ‘An Awesome Wave’. Tobe completely honest, when I first heard their name, I initially thought, ‘Hmmm,obscure electro or dub step’….not that that’s a bad thing. It’s far from it. Theseguys are incredible and this album is such a treat. My personal favourite trackbeing ‘Taro.’ Definitely give it a listen if you haven’t already.Until next time,Ellie and Louise xxxHeathers are playing a unique all ages show at the Pepper Canister Church with a full band, on December 11th. Tickets are priced €17.50.