CMAT’s Christmas Panto at the Olympia

Image Credit: @cmatbaby on Instagram

Comment Editor Katie Larkin reviews CMAT’s Olympia gig, self-titled The CMAT Panto where she sold out a four-night set and captured the crowd with her trademark boisterous, outgoing, and passionate way.

Although I possibly booked the worst seats in the house for her spectacle gig in the Olympia on November 30th, CMAT brought sensational energy inside the walls of the theater that only left the crowd screaming for more. The back row standing area of the Upper Circle was bursting with energy and song whilst rising star CMAT took to the stage. Ciara Thompson, AKA CMAT is one of Ireland's most promising young artists. Her discography has already left a deep mark on many people at home and abroad. Her Adele-esque vocals paired with her outgoing slightly “crazed” lyrics and style are memorable trademarks of her art. 

That night, CMAT put on a sexy and excitable gig whilst giving ode to the humble Christmas panto; a Dublin city child’s idea of Christmas, which typically takes place each Christmas season in the Olympia, The Gaiety, and other theaters across the city. The stage was set with a grand prop set replica of her bedroom, and the band was dressed to match in berets, her piano player and background vocalist Púca Music (Colm) imitating beloved characters from the panto … “he’s behind you!” 

Not only was her bright and colorful polka dot mesh costume loud and proud; but CMAT’s blatant vocal artistry shines when it is time to sing passionate songs about womanhood, Ireland, sex, and relationships. CMAT transforms her songs into stories and the stage setup helps bring them to life. On a stage reflecting on her “bedroom,” she sang in front of a grand mirror and reclined there for a general chit-chat with the audience she had captured only moments before. 

Not only did she make time for a quick chat with the crowd; CMAT led a song and dance that had the whole crowd on their feet. The routine which she anointed the “Dunboyne Step”, named after her hometown in Co Meath. she led the crowd through an innovative rendition of one of her most known hits “I Wanna be a Cowboy.” CMAT commanded the stage for 90 uninterrupted minutes and even had time to show love to her fans in this second year of her playing sold-out Olympia shows. As she took in the support and community dancing in front of her in silent amazement she seemed genuinely, profoundly touched. 

Boasting not just insane talent as well as an approachable funny, quirky, and exciting personality, her show was nothing short of entertaining, fun, and emotional. It is hardly news that CMAT is insanely talented, her show proved that she is funny, quirky, and exciting and her spectacle was nothing short of entertaining, fun, and emotional. 

You don’t want to miss a CMAT gig, so remember she will play again in Fairview Park this June following the release of her latest album “Crazy Mad, For Me.”