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The Blizzards front man Brezzie caught up with Seán McGovern about their not-so-difficult second album, touring again and his obsession with Carla Bruni...The Blizzards are not known for taking it easy. After touring the country with their debut album A Public Display of Affection, they won the Meteor Award for Best Irish Live Performance confirming their success. Now the band are following up with their new album Domino Effect.Domino Effect was not a difficult second album despite the pressure the band put themselves under. “We want to show that we’ve progressed but not isolate the fans we made already”, Brezzie explains.The difference this time around is that they have established themselves as a bankable act. The promotion is of a product, not of a band themselves.With an Irish tour coming soon, Brezzie views the world of promotion differently with the second album.“Doing radio interviews is easy because they ring you as opposed to you ringing them” he says with a sense of relief. “It’s all about touring for us, before we even released anything”.Standing out in the Irish music industry is a difficult task. Brezzie explains that there is a high quality of Irish music today because the acts are all determined not to copy one another.“In the U.K there are clones upon clones of the next band... ten thousand Libertines”. However, in comparison to Irish music acts such as Delorentos, the Coronas and Republic of Loose, the Blizzards’ frontman feels that they all sound distinct and different.Despite the success they have found, the Blizzards are not prepared to take it all for granted. The boys from Mullingar have not forgotten their roots. Brezzie muses that “as individuals the band has stayed the same, same friends, same girlfriends”.However, there have been vital changes to the the band’s business attitude. Brezzie tells Otwo that they have had to inject much more professionalism into the band over the years.This professionalism is something Brezzie wants to impart to those starting out in the music industry. The frontman’s advice to aspiring bands is starkly honest. “If anybody is dragging their heels or is not committed, get rid of them. Don’t even waste your time”.Success outside of Ireland is something that the Blizzards understand can only be accomplished when they are totally ready, something they were unable to do with the previous record.Finishing on the topic of Carla Bruni, the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the theme, as well as title of a bonus track available on the new album, Brezzie slips from professionalism into his admitted mild obsession. Obsession and desire contrasted with caution and disdain, Brezzie reveals that although he’d love to hate her but “she’s too much of a fox”. Inspiration comes from many sources.~~Domino Effect is released on September 12th. The single Trust Me I’m A Doctor is out now.