C&E run Miss UCD after SU withdrawal

THE MISS UCD competition took place after being organised by the Commerce and Economics (C&E) society instead of the Students’ Union (SU) as originally planned. The event, which was originally scheduled to take place on 4th March, was postponed by the SU Entertainments (Ents) Officer, Gary Redmond, due to it coinciding with other events including the SU elections.Coordinator of the Miss University competition, Ivano Cafolla, felt the event was a success despite the confusion surrounding its organisation stating that for “the few bits and pieces that were going against us… it was a great night.”Mr Cafolla was happy with the event’s attendance, however, “we would have been expecting around the thousand mark but we were delighted with it.”Vice-Auditor of C&E, Thomas O’Reilly, collaborated with Mr Cafolla to organise the event. The society assumed responsibility for the event less than a month ago after Mr Redmond was unable to coordinate it properly.Mr Cafolla feels there was a lack of communication surrounding the events coordination with Mr Redmond stating that he was unaware that the SU were no longer involved adding “I still haven’t received a phone call from Gary actually on that matter.” He described this confusion as being “a logistical nightmare.”Mr O’Reilly admitted that the event was difficult to organise under such tight time constraints but believed that it was a success saying “from what we got from it, people had a good time and it was run with no costs, so why not run it?”However, Mr O’Reilly was unhappy with the advertisement of the event and feels the posters they were given were “pretty poor,” referring to the fact that ticket prices and their availability wasn’t advertised as well as being text heavy.Mr Cafolla felt the timing of the competition “so close to exams, end of year [and] the recession” also contributed to a lack of participants adding, “It was never going to be our biggest one [of the year] when technically UCD and Trinity would be two of our biggest shows.”However, the events organisers did receive “the guts of about 40 applicants and we just narrowed it down…[so] there were 16 girls in the show.”Mr Cafolla stated that he would hope to run the event next year in conjunction with the C&E saying “we’d be doing it a lot earlier next year... and I’d be delighted to do it with them [the C&E] again.”The competition took place on 15th April in Burn Beach Club and was won by Alison Boyle.