Artist: Trailer Trash Tracys
Album: Ester
Rating: B-

London’s Trailer Trash Tracys, like many alternative bands of today, are helplessly in thrall of a particular brand of late 80s/early 90s rock and early Phil Spector productions that they dedicate themselves to perfectly mimicking and entwining.

Hints of the Jesus & Mary Chain and Talk Talk are littered throughout but are assuredly obscured behind waves of reverb and distant, mysterious vocals. Naturally, at their worst TTTs feel hackneyed and devoid of fresh ideas, but on Ester’s highlights, such as ‘Candy Girl’ and ‘Dies in 55’ they can be truly hypnotic.

‘Candy Girl’ in particular is proof enough of the spark Ester sporadically possesses. As that album’s highlight, it creates a mind-blowing tapestry of pummelling, Mo Tucker-esque drums, dream-like guitar lines and an enthralling, druggy vocal that one could listen to forever.

Naturally, there are points on Ester that feel boring and incoherent, but all in all, there’s enough good to outweigh the bad.

In a nutshell: A promising debut that at times leans too heavily on hero worship and supposed experimentation to make a real impact.