Two candidates declared for the newly reinstated Campaigns and Communications Officer position, which has brought back in the hope of improving the Union’s political engagement and student engagement.

Cian Byrne
Course: Stage 3 Engineering
Experience: Engineering & Architecture Convener. Active in EngSoc, UCD Volunteers Overseas

“I feel that the Students’ Union has a lot to offer but I feel that people don’t know about it, and that’s what the position is all about, getting your face out there, getting the voice out there for the people.”









Paul Dockery
Course: Second Year Politics and Economics
Experience: Class Rep. Speakers Officer, Economics Society.

“I want to represent students on national issues, like marriage equality and student housing crisis in a critical election year. I want to set a good precedent for future C&C officers to follow. I see it as a blank canvas, so I want to set a good example of what this role should be.”