C&C Analysis

Tom Monaghan and Kevin Brennan both have relevant experience to the role of C&C Officer.

Their ideas for increasing recruitment for the Ents crew are both feasible and could get results. However, Monaghan’s ideas of punishing members of the Ents crew and class reps who do not fulfil their roles may not prove popular.

While Monaghan is passionate about the union he does not appear passionate about engaging with students who are not already interested in getting involved. His idea for an archive of SU updates could not prove as popular as posts on Facebook.

Brennan has more ideas though he has not investigated them thoroughly. He appears approachable and honest and this could certainly help in the role. He has run successful campaigns in the past and could carry on these skills to future endeavours in the union.

What separates these candidates most is Brennan’s desire to connect with more students by keeping up with trends and making the union more accessible compared to Monaghan’s desire for a union of harder working members.

While Brennan may have a friendlier manner, Monaghan’s experience in the union could win him the election.