A number of UCD staff and students have reported shorter grace notice than is required being placed on cars that are liable to be clamped on campus. Some individuals are reporting that in some cases no notice is given at all.

One driver to UCD said: “They’re supposed to give you a warning time. They put a notice on my car at twenty to one, and when I went out it said half twelve. So where they’re supposed to be giving fifteen minutes notice they’re only giving five minutes notice.”

The driver in question has frequently been in this situation, and spoke of one incident in which he watched as the clamper proceeded to take a clamp out of his van without having served any notice on the car: “He went to the back of his van to get a clamp, but he didn’t have a sticker on my car at all.”

The University Observer spoke to another driver who has reported finding notice stickers on their car with no time written on them: “This morning there was a notice put on my car with no time printed on it.

“As far as I’m aware, and I’ve looked into this, because I’ve obviously ran in with them a few times, that voids their right to clamp. They have to give you significant notice; there should be a time on that sticker.

“If they’re going to provide a clamping service they should perform it properly. They’re not giving people significant warnings; in some cases they’re not putting stickers on cars, they’re just clamping them straight off.”

The driver believes that the issue is related to the minima availability of parking spaces in UCD, and claims that a lot of parkers in UCD are not students or staff.

A spokesperson for the university said: Parking management services at UCD are currently provided by NCPS. The company also provides services to the Dublin Dockland Development Authority (DDDA), Dublin City Council, Irish Rail and several other Higher Education Institutions. The university periodically reviews all of its services contracts, to ensure a quality of service to students, staff, and visitors.”

The spokesperson went onto defend the clamping practices, stating: “Clamping helps to regulate parking across the university campus, which in turn ensures the appropriate use of disabled parking spaces; fire and emergency access roads are left unobstructed; and campus amenities are not damaged by parking.”

NCPS declined to comment on the matter.