Carla Gummerson Elected Graduate Officer

Image Credit: Carla Gummerson

Carla Gummerson has been elected to the position of Graduate Officer in UCDSU for the 2020/21 academic year, after receiving 46 votes out of a total valid poll of 100, with Aaditya Shah receiving 38 and Rekha Nagargoje receiving 23.

The turnout in this election is the lowest in UCDSU history, with only final year undergraduate and current graduate students eligible to vote.The total turnout was 101, with 1 abstention, leaving the quota at 51. No candidate reached the quota, and Gummerson was deemed elected after all other candidates were eliminated.

In his concession speech, Shah thanked everyone who voted for him, and congratulated Gummerson on her win. In her Acceptance speech, Gummerson thanked everyone who voted. Nagargoje could not be present.

A breakdown of each round of voting is below.

Total votes cast: 101

Abstention: 1

Quota: 51

1st Count:

Carla Gummerson:37

Rekha Nagargoje: 22

Aaditya Shah: 31

Re-Open Nominations: 10 (eliminated)

2nd Count: 

Carla Gummerson: 40

Rekha Nagargoje: 23 (eliminated)

Aaditya Shah: 32

Non transferable :5

3rd Count:

Carla Gummerson: 46

Aaditya Shah: 38 (eliminated)

Non transferable: 11

Carla Gummerson elected without having received quota on the 3rd count.