Cancellation of exam shuttle bus a possibility


THE EXAM shuttle bus service could stand to be cancelled before the Christmas exam period. The shuttle bus, which is operated by the university, previously took students to and from belfield to examination locations in the RDS Ballsbridge and the Smurfit School of Business campus in Blackrock each hour during end of semester exams.

Admitting that financial restraints are being felt within the University, Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer, Paul Lynam argued that despite the “overall budget, there are things that we have to be vigilant on”. He stressed that “we have to deal with service cuts across the whole university, but the SU priorities have been made quite clear.”


Mr Lynam explained that a decision on the future of the exam bus service will be made in the coming fortnight at a meeting of the Exam Oversight Committee, where he believes “any cancellation or scaling down of the service will be done”. Stating that he was “unaware of a cancellation of service” of the shuttle bus, Mr Lynam argued that nothing has been decided yet”, adding that the decision “certainly hasn’t happened yet. Obviously, with budget constraints, any scaling back of services may happen”.

Offering reassurance to affected students, Mr Lynam argued that SU and the university are “going to have to work hard together in a partnership” to provide the best services for students in the weeks approaching the exam period. Arguing that “the SU of this university provides the best service when it comes to exam time across the board”, Mr Lynam was confident that the “university would recognise that”.

When questioned about the possible cancellation of the examination shuttle bus service, UCD Registry Communications Officer, Marie O’ Flanagan did not comment on the bus service however stated that “details of the semester one examinations are still being discussed.” She continued to explain that information on the examination facilities will be provided to students when the full exam timetable is published on 31st October.

Further information about the semester one examinations will be sent to students once the examination arrangements and logistics have been finalised.