Campus News in Brief

Co-founder of UCD Spin-in company wins 2018 EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year AwardDr Elaine Sullivan was awarded the 2018 EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) on Friday 26th October. The co-founder and CEO of Carrick Therapeutics, Europe’s leading oncology company, said “it was a privilege to take part in the EY Awards programme and the award is a great recognition of the hard work of the whole Carrick team.” Carrick Therapeutics, a spin-off company with headquarters in NovaUCD, received the award for raising $95 million in funding for cancer research and drug development. Kevin McLoughlin, Partner Lead for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Ireland said, “Elaine Sullivan and her team at Carrick Therapeutics are doing truly life altering work. They have set out to make a real difference to people’s lives and I look forward to seeing what they can achieve. All the finalists, their families and their employees can be proud of their achievement.”The EY Entrepreneur of The Year programme is a highly prestigious awards given to business entrepreneurs. The programme operates in 60 countries around the world. This year’s judges’ included Joe Healy (Enterprise Ireland), Evelyn O’Toole (CLS), Anne Hegarty (CPL Resources) and Edmond Harty (Dairymaster) among others. Compensation over construction noise reportedly received by on-campus residentsCouncil members raised the seemingly haphazard manner in which compensation has been allocated to residents on campus affected by construction work at the UCDSU Council on 21st October. The UCD Residences Refund Policy, available online, does not stipulate the level of interference necessary before compensation becomes available. It does not mention the construction work currently on-going or provide any indication of how to apply for compensation. Council heard that management at UCD Residences had “drawn a line” beyond which residents would not be entitled to compensation. This has allegedly resulted in students not receiving compensation - despite being next door to a student who has received 25% compensation on residence fees.In her sabbatical report, UCDSU Welfare Officer Melissa Plunkett stated that posters which had been put up on the Eastern side of the building to promote the It Stops Now campaign had permanently marked the exterior. “That’s what happens when you’re sexually assaulted - it marks you for life.”Caitriona Nicholls and Niamh Scully were elected Mature Students Coordinator and LGBTQ+ Coordinator respectively. Nicholls, a 2nd year Social Science student cited her experience with the Mature Students Society, where she actively contributed to events and their blog, The Mature Student Voice, and was elected without opposition. Scully, a Classics student, was also elected unopposed. Racist and derogatory comments made about Masters student Last week, UCD Masters student, Kathleen Laurence reported on Twitter that she received a verbal abuse in the form of “racist and derogatory” from a group of students in the Newman building, directed at her for being a traveller. Ms. Laurence then confronted the group, took a photo of the person who made the comments initially and threatened to report them to UCD management. The person allegedly replied “report me to who you like” according to Ms. Laurence. Speaking to the University Observer, Ms. Lawrence said  “I am just trying to go about my life” and “nobody deserves to be treated the way I was on Monday.” The University Observer contacted External Communications and Media Relations Manager, Dominic Martella for comment on the incident. Mr. Martella told the paper “the university is committed to promoting and upholding the values of dignity and respect for all and supporting every individual’s right to study and/or work in an environment free of harassment, intimidation or bullying."Mr. Martella said the procedure for reporting incidents of harassment, intimidation or bullying “ students should, in the first instance contact a student advisor. The student advisor will guide the student through the formal reporting process and support them with resolving the issue." He also directed students to the University’s Dignity and Respect policy, which outlines the measures in place to help students and staff report and resolve issues or breaches. UCD are investigating the matter.
This article was amended on 7th November 2018. Melissa Plunkett was quoted as having stated that sexual assault "scars you for life" when, in fact, she stated it "marks you for life.”