Campus Bands Questionnaire

Rachel Boyle of Morning Hush tells o-two how the band are not exactly stereotypical rock musicians and why the soup in UCD is incomparableWho are your members and what do they play?Jonathan Boyle plays guitar and is the lead singer, Sean Ryan plays drums and Ross Kelly is on bass and I’m on the keyboards and sing backing vocals.Where did you get the inspiration for your name?Years ago, Jonathan and the two lads were recording down the country and Jonathan came up with Morning Hush because it’s like a blank canvas and no one ever knows what to expect when they hear the name.Where do you gig?Around town more recently – Whelans, The Village, Pod, Mezz and we played Crumlin a few weeks ago, so that was a new adventure, at the Bridgehouse.What do you play on the tour bus?The three lads met because they’re very big Smashing Pumpkins fans and they met before they were going to see some gig. We all have pretty much the same taste in music, except Sean and Ross would like The Smiths, and myself and Jonathan wouldn’t.How would you describe your sound?Before I joined the band there was another guitar player so it was standard rock music, but then I joined and it became a bit more poppy. So we’ve been described as heavy pop – I’ll go with that.How did you join the band?I was a fan of the band and when the original guitar player left, I was presented with opportunity to join the band and I accepted it. It happened about two years ago. I didn’t have to try out for the band. They knew me, so they trusted I was okay. We’d known each other for years before that.What’s the best thing about UCD?The soup in the campus shop with the roll – the veg one especially.What’s the worst thing about UCD?Parking. You have to get in before nine and I generally don’t, so I end up having to pay on meter off campus and walking and then feeling really sorry for myself. For the average person, the walk would take about ten minutes, but I take about half an hour since I’m walking so slowly because I’m annoyed.What acts would you choose to play your dream festival? Alongside us? Phoenix – we’d very much be in the same vein as Phoenix. They do what we’re trying to do: mixing rock music with pop. They’re a band we’d look to emulate to a certain degree without copying them. Also, Freezepop – they’re not that big at all, but because I’m a big fan of theirs, I got talking to their keyboard player. I think we’d go well together, because they have the same keyboard as I do. I’ll say Paul McCartney too, because we’d need to have a big act for a festival.What would be your dream place to play?Woodstock back in the 1960s. Maybe earlier in the afternoon than Hendrix, so people will have forgotten us.How do you differ from other bands in UCD?We differ from a lot of our peers because we’re not really the usual alcohol, drugs and rock'n'roll types – Jonathan only recently started drinking. We’re not a goody-two-shoes band, but we did a documentary when we went on tour over the summer. One of the directors said “you guys gotta be reckless,” but we told them we’re not that kind of band, it’s more about the music. We do have fun though.For more information, visit Morning Hush will be playing in the Student Bar in the coming weeks.In conversation with Paul Fennessy.