How do you run for Class Rep?: Campaigns & Communications Officer Thomas Monaghan reflects on summer preparations

The C&C Officer is in charge of coordinating SU’s events and campaigns. The officer is the chairperson of the Ents forum and is responsible for the upkeep of the website and SU social media.Thomas Monaghan was elected to the position of UCDSU C&C Officer, which was left vacant for the second semester of last year when Barry Murphy, who previously held the post, ran for the role of SU President. During the interim period, the duties of the C&C officer were divided among the Sabbatical officers.Monaghan previously expressed his belief that the position of C&C officer was key to bridging the gap between students and the SU. His ideas included reforming the Ents crew and the class rep system by increasing accountability of students that chose to fill those roles, ensuring that the volunteers always carried out the work that was expected of them. Monaghan provided the University Observer with a thorough outline of his work so far:“Directly after the crossover period, I got down to work on a number of areas that I feel are essential to both the role of C&C and to my manifesto.1) Wingin’ It 2018 took up a large portion of my activity over the summer. I had many brainstorming sessions on content that I felt would be essential to all students while also considering the ideas of the other sabbatical officers. I decided to re-design the cover and also include a diary with a calendar of events for the academic year.2) Up-Skilling of Class Reps. In order to improve the standards of communication and representation, I have been working on a complete overhaul of class rep training. We are planning to modularise the training system over the course of a few weeks with modules focussing on aspects that are central to the role of class rep.3) During my campaign, I promised a higher standard of events for UCD students through using my experience with ENTS. So far by week 2 we have had two sell out gigs with John Gibbons, Kungs, Daithi and Ailbhe Reddy. The success of these events was down to the hard work and promotion by the team of Sabbatical Officers. I also have 2 big name acts in the works as well as the incredible BINGO LOCO. 4) Building on Consent – I showed the Tea Consent video at my Deans Talks and would estimate that the majority of all first years have now seen the video.5) Social Media Growth – I have been focussing on growing the SU Social Media presence, particularly the Facebook, Instagram and the Snapchat through lecture addressing and meeting and greeting students.6) Reputation – One of my main goals was to improve the reputation and attitude that students have towards the SU. After talking to many first years, presenting many informative and light- hearted talks and efficient use of the social media, I feel like I am on course to achieve this goal. The feedback that we have received from students in the first two weeks of university is incredible. We have many students running for class rep. Students are engaging in our events and we have noticed they are comfortable coming to the corridor to seek help and ask questions. The responses I have gotten off students who are looking to get involved and volunteer with the SU is breath-taking, the strongest response we have gotten in years.”