Bus Services Pulled on Black Monday

The first day of term, commonly known as ‘Black Monday’, saw Dublin Bus discontinuing their evening services in UCD due to students’ anti-social manner.There were reports of rowdy behaviour, including objects being thrown at buses and general mayhem around bus stops as students began to make their way to town. A representative for Dublin Bus stated that students’ actions were “unnerving drivers, the drivers feel unsafe, that’s why we ended up with a situation.”According to Students’ Union President, Pat de Brún, the incidents at the bus stops were sufficiently serious to warrant Dublin Bus threatening to completely remove services from UCD if a similar situation should arise again. However, a Dublin Bus representative insisted that “services will remain once we get appropriate behaviour.”De Brún urges students to “think about the possible withdrawal of services the next time they are getting the bus because it will severely affect a lot of people if it does happen” and reminds them that “Dublin Bus provides a vital service to all students and bus drivers must be allowed to do their job without the added complications of dealing with unruly passengers.”To ensure that a similar situation does not arise again, de Brún stated that he intends to write to Dublin Bus and suggest that “in future, on the first day of term or the last day of term, on days where it’s so busy in the bar, that maybe they stop the service within UCD for the night-time because that won’t cause a major disruption to anyone but it would also ensure that the buses would stay on campus for the year.”In addition, de Brún called on the University to “work on increased public lighting around bus stops in addition to installing CCTV cameras” as a preventative measure to anti-social behaviour.The SU has intentions to launch a campaign to encourage students to act responsibly when using public transport. Dublin Bus highly commends a similar campaign run last year by the Union, considering it “instrumental in helping with respect for buses and bus drivers”.As a part of re-launching the Ents brand, there were no external acts performing in the student bar on Monday 12th, “we had all of our banners printed and the stage was all designed as UCD Ents with the logos and branding so we said we’d keep it to UCD Ents DJs” says SU Ents Officer, Stephen Darcy.Darcy described the evening as a great success, “everyone seemed to have a great day, it was very well controlled and managed and a nice start to the year”; he labelled it the “biggest bar spend ever at a UCD event.” He attributed the success of the evening to it having been “a long summer, everyone was looking forward to getting back.”