Building recommences on Sports Club House Bar as the future of Student Club remains uncertain

Construction work will recommence on the Sports Club House Bar, located at the Student Centres within the next week, while UCD Students’ Union President Rachel Breslin has also stated her belief that the UCD Student Club, located beside the Newman building, will reopen within the coming year.According to a UCD spokesperson: “A new contractor, ‘Townlink’ has been appointed for the Sports Club House and will commence on site on 28 January 2013. An advance management team from the contractor has been on site since 14 January 2013. The contractor submitted a construction programme for discussion and this shows a handover date of 31st May.”Breslin stated in relation to the work on the Sports Club House bar: “It’s a little bit difficult to know exactly when as they are doing their own survey work to estimate the length of the project, but it is moving again so all major catastrophic events aside it should be opening soon.”Discussing the operations of the old student bar, the Student Club, Breslin detailed the efforts made to reach an agreement with the University on seeking a new alcohol licence for the premises: “That premises [has been] returned to the University, so the University have complete control over it, but separate to that we reached an agreement where we would seek to open it as a venue in the interest of students; open it as a venue and seek a licence to that affect so it will be open for a limited number of days per year. Students would come to the Students’ Union or societies and say: ‘We have a big event this night, is it possible to get the Bar open.’Breslin went on to highlight complications with the building itself: “We are trying to resolve issues with the building, and with the processes involved. It’s not as simple a case as I might have hoped, there are some complications with it, but we are working with buildings and services and all the different departments within UCD to try and get it open as soon as possible and I think it’s just frustrating.”When asked about whether or not there had be an application for a liquor license put forward, Breslin said: “No we haven’t applied for a licence yet. We were getting our licensing documents together but we realised that there were some complications with that so now we are trying to fix those before applying for the license again”.A spokesperson for UCD confirmed: “No alcohol licence has been applied for at the premises previously known as the student club. The ambition alongside that of the student leadership is to provide a venue for live acts/entertainment on the campus during the second term.  Together, we are working on this proposal and a number of options/locations are under consideration. It is expected that an entertainment programme with various live acts will be announced in the coming weeks by the student leadership.”