British university to investigate drunken initiation video

A BRITISH university is investigating a video involving a student dressed in a Nazi uniform while overseeing a sports club initiation ceremony.

The University of Gloucestershire is trying to trace the students in the footage that shows them stumbling around with carrier bags on their heads, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and then throwing up on the pavement.

A male student, dressed in knee-high boots, a grey Nazi jacket and cap, is ordering them while they walk in single file. A number of voices can be heard commenting on the ceremony as some of the students end up vomiting.

The video was recorded by a broadcast journalism student studying at the university and reportedly used the film as part of a university assignment.

The university, which had previously banned initiation ceremonies, stated that the authorities are taking the issue of intimidation and bullying seriously and declared that those involved would face severe consequences for their actions.

These ceremonies were banned by the majority of British universities in 2006 when a Exeter University student died from alcohol poisoning after drinking four glasses of vodka, three pints of cider, a glass of wine and a pint of spirits as part of an initiation to join the university’s golf club.

Many students who hope to join sports clubs and societies often have to go through initiation ceremonies, which mainly involve heavy drinking, in order to win admittance and acceptance into the group.

Gloucestershire University Students’ Union said that although many of the initiation-style events do not involve alcohol or extreme behavior, any case that breaches the rules of the university would be taken seriously and will launch a formal investigation with the university.

A similar incident occurred in February 2008 where white students from the University of Free State in South Africa forced black campus employees to eat food that had been urinated on.

The video, which was condemned by anti-racism groups, was reportedly recorded in protest at moves to integrate white and black students in the same residences at the university.

Following the video’s release, students and staff at the university participated in an anti-racism march to the residences where the recording was made, demanding that the practice be put to a halt.