Breaches of social distancing have occurred in student residences.

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UCD Residences have confirmed in an email that there have been breaches of Covid-19 guidelines in student residences that are currently being processed as per the residential policies.

In an email to The University Observer, a spokesperson from UCD Estates stated “There have been some breaches of the residential policies are they are currently going through the appropriates processes as detailed in the residential policies” Currently, the nature and number of these breaches is not confirmed, however it should be noted that what qualifies as a breach in student residences is different to that in the general population at Level 3. As it stands, students in UCD residences are not permitted to allow guests of any sort in their accommodation, contrary to current guidelines which allow for one visitor from one other household, nor are they allowed to visit the apartments of other students, This is enable each apartment to act as a “pod” to contain the spread of Covid-19. 

Students in residences are instead encouraged to socialise outside, or in the open shared spaces on campus. The decision to not permit guests in student residences will be reviewed upon changes in government guidelines on social distancing.

There are three categories of breach in UCD residences, which can result in any of the following: a verbal warning, a formal meeting with a member of the Estate Team, and finally a formal referral to the Registrar or Dean of Students. These processes can end in reprimands, fines, and terminations of license, among other outcomes.

Any fine or revoking of license can be appealed within 7 days of the sanction occuring. The decision at the end of this appeal will be considered final.