Boojum Accuse SU President Katie Ascough of Being "Manipulative"

Ascough’s campaign facebook page “?Fight4Katie - No to Impeachment of UCDSU President” posted that they were delighted to see Boojum on campus, with Ascough taking some credit for the move. Boojum have responded to the post, and do not support Ascough's version of events.On the campaign Facebook page, Ascough stated “Getting a burrito bar to UCD was one of my election goals, and many people rightfully pointed out it was a tough one.”Boojum responded to this facebook post saying “we want to say publicly we are not comfortable with our business being used in such a manipulative way.” They added “We in no way endorse the views of Katie and wish for our business to be removed from this context.” They confirmed that they did not interact with Ascough on the issue of coming to campus, stating “We have only ever dealt with the Hospitality Services Manager directly.”UCD students can currently get their burrito fix from the burrito bar in Centra.Since this article was first published Katie Ascough has commented a response to Boojum. She states "It is disappointing that Boojum would seek to involve itself in a matter of internal student politics, apparently by aligning itself with the pro-impeachment side of the debate in commenting on the #Fight4Katiepage about their lack of endorsement of my "views." As can be seen in Boojum's comment below they did not comment on Ascough being pro-life nor did they say that they supported her impeachment. They wished to be removed from the affair.Ascough has also told the University Observer that she had "several conversations with UCD's hospitality services manager and suggested several options, including the concept of a burrito van, he agreed to pursue the possibility of burritos on campus." Correction: The article originally stated that Ascough did not mention a desire for a burrito bar in her manifesto. While a desire for a burrito bar is not mentioned in Katie Ascough's main manifesto Ascough did publish such a desire on her campaign facebook page for the initial election. Capture1