Boiler Room TV Comes to Silo, Dublin

Image Credit: Alex Jaresko

Music Editor Holly Alder is the bearer of good music news and delects us in a tale of how the return of the Boiler Room might be just what the Irish music scene needs to get out of its slump.

It was a huge day for the Irish dance music scene, as London-based music broadcaster and club promoter, Boiler Room TV, returned to Dublin on this year’s October bank holiday at Silo, the city's newest and largest dance music venue. The lineup featured a mix of the biggest up-and-coming and well-established names.  Think Mav666, Derv, Yasmin Gardezi, Shampain, LSDXOXO, Sunil Sharpe and Tommy Holohan, to only name a few, took centre stage in the new 3,500-person capacity music venue, which is based in Dublin’s more commonly known RDS building. Silo is inspired by the iconic London Printworks venue and the Warehouse Project, taking dance music to a capacity that Dublin has rarely had the chance of experiencing. Boiler Room TV also shares some of their full sets on YouTube, letting those who could not attend on the night experience the electric atmosphere and music.

The completely sold-out event kicked off at 4pm and ended at 11pm, making it an early event for Dublin party goers. The venue began to fill up shortly after the doors opened. Thousands of people gathered to enjoy what the majority had only been previously able to witness through a screen, which created an unforgettable night. After a few years of early closures and major hits to the Irish clubbing scene due to the pandemic, Dublin’s dance music agenda is finally looking up thanks to the opening of Silo, the return of Boiler Room TV and the recent reopening and relocation of Dublin’s already iconic dance music venue, Index.