Bloop while inviting in appearace and initial impressions, nothing about it feels genuinely new or innovative about it. Even though this type of game has been done before, Bloop contains just one too many problems. These force the player out of the potential fun of the overall experience that always seems present under a layer of minor irritation. If the game had been executed in a more cohesive manner it could have amounted to a genuinely enjoyable experience that, although wouldn’t have stood out, would have still been a fun casual experience.

Developer: 2SD

Publisher: KISS Ltd.

Release Date: Out Now

The idea behind the game itself is fairly simple. It is a physics based puzzle game which involves creating platforms to transport liquid called ‘Bloopie’ to a set destination. The controls are basic enough, the player must simply click and drag to create platforms. When ready the player presses the start button to see if it has been planned it out correctly for the liquid to make it to a jar at the end of the level. This system has been done before, and the problem with Bloop is that; it has been executed far more effectively in other titles.

The game takes place across 42 levels that gradually get more difficult and more complex. Sometimes a new ability or mechanism is added into the game which forced the player to think differently. However the flow of the game only goes from bad to worse, rather than from good to great. The abilities just add more annoying details to get around, further highlighting the lack of polish on some of the features.

Some of these errors could be looked at in a better light but from the start the game is difficult to get into. Starting with basic foundations, the game’s loading up time is far longer than expected of a game with such small size. This is in addition to a number of other problems that occur throughout the game. The pop up messages usually arrive at very annoying points in the game and interrupt the overall flow. Many of these messages confuse the player further with difficult to understand explanations on how to use a new tool in the game. The occasionally broken save system and the often monotonous gameplay just add to the frustration felt while playing.

The unfortunate problem isn’t that developer didn’t put any effort into making this game. The problem is that they put too much effort into the wrong parts of it. Instead of good gameplay the highpoints of the game, were the general inventiveness of the small back plot and the amusing music which were minorly redeeming features. The plot however only offers some context for the game. To surmise the game starts off with everyone’s favourite inventor Nikola Tesla and his aim to change the world with his creations and through some of his experiments accidentally creates ‘Bloop’. ‘Bloop’ is the fluffy little creature which is on the cover of the game but does little else save act as a depository. The point of the game is that you must feed ‘Bloop’ with Bloopies which is the liquid you have to transport. Unfortunately these creative bits of the game, such as the story, felt like distractions from the disappointing performance of the game rather than aspects that enhanced it.

Overall Bloop is very much a story of what could have been. It has all the elements of an enjoyable puzzle game but the execution is lacking in just one too many areas. While it is an genre which many others have attempted, at least the developer – 2SD – made a full attempt rather than back out and baby the player.