B&L Day to take place on Thursday 18th February

This year’s Law B&L day will be held on Thursday 18th February. Volunteers are still needed for the faculty fundraising day. All funds raised go to Temple Street Children’s hospital which has been the main beneficiary for a number of years. All law lectures are cancelled on the day to give students an opportunity to get involved.Organisers of the event are hoping to see almost 250 volunteers take part, which would see a jump from last year’s 200 volunteers. They are also hoping that this will reflect a change in the total amount raised, which last year was €7,000. This year it is hoped that the faculty charity day can increase this figure.Events during the day will include a tag-rugby tournament which has become popular in recent years. It is also hoped that more faculty members and students from non-Law courses will get involved. Other highlights of the day include the annual breakfast in the morning and a pub quiz in the Clubhouse bar in the evening.During the day, volunteers will also be collecting money around Dublin City Centre to raise funds between 7am and 9.30pm. The permits for the day extend from beyond UCD to the city centre. The co-ordinators stress that even if students are not able to be involved with the bucket collections, they are still encouraged to take part in any of the events.One of the co-ordinators, Conor Keegan notes that he and another co-ordinator, Dearbhla O’Sullivan had visited Temple Street before Christmas and that “the building is so old and so really unsuited to what they are doing. But yet they do amazing work, it is pretty incredible what they do on a daily basis in there.”The other co-ordinator, Simon Keogh adds that “It’s always been the main charity, so that’s always been at the forefront of our aspirations for the day is to raise money for, as much money for that as possible. There were some other charities earlier on but for the last few years definitely it’s been a hundred per cent for Temple Street.”