The jewellery and makeup trends this season emphasises the va-va-voom factor of a long-gone world of glitter and glamour. A matt foundation, bold lip and a subtle-yet-defined eye serve to complement the three looks. The way in which makeup and accessories compliment and tie in with one another is of the utmost importance with any look.

As seen from the 60s-inspired, clear-eyed and flawless diamond look to the romantic-chic chains that dangle from the necks of many a couture catwalker, the winter season promises a definitive shift towards big and bold statement pieces.

Not to alienate the sophisticated-yet-classic look of simple pieces, of course. These are still prevalent during this period of cold merriment. These simple pieces bring an edge of fresh, untempered style to everyone’s winter woollies; soft knit set alight with the gleam of your metallic obsession.

Big pieces are in this season and the bold, blue-eyed and beautiful Fionnuala turns our attention to the stunning coral and comely gold chain effect that seems to have grasped designers by the ankles and shaken them into perfecting the style.

Her look is reminiscent of a 60s youth with a hint of baroque adornment. The subtle blend of soft gold, creamy pink and tremulous turquoise make her necklace an exquisite blend of the Victorian-esque feminine and a modern day sheer-drop of sweetness.

The pink coral earrings serve to add flare and sharpen the contrast between the black fur wrap that practically sings the word ‘timeless’ in this very cold and bold season.

Similarly, the romantic looked sported by the timeless features of Alexandra is another key element of this season. Sweeping, dark-tinted metallics play the favourite across the fashion board, as they seem to drink in the feel of this holiday season. Chunky or thin, when standing alone or paired with other pieces, chains make a definite statement and the red lips, dark eyes and soft blush that paints the face.

This said, some looks persevere through the seasons and the plain perfection of a simple bracelet made of a twist of gold can enhance, without overwhelming, some outfits.

The 70s rock-chick look seems to rise from the ashes of its former glory every few years and its enduring popularity has been the cause of many classic looks. As with Fionnuala, we see a warm, gold motif arise and slip itself over and around the heads of many a bodice.

The sweeping effortlessness of the simple gold band, chain watch and crisp, autumnal-patterned headband provides an outfit with a spoonful of elegance and a fistful of 70s warmed charm.

As the frost-fired gusts of winter blow away the last of the Halloween nylon and zombie-esque rags from your wardrobe, move your sights to the next event of the season: Christmas.

The parties will rain down on you from a far height and jetting through the ice and snow to find that perfect dress or suit ensemble will seem completely worth it, when you take into account how, even though you look fiercer than a stallion on fire in them, your December jumpers might leave a little too much to the imagination than you would like. The accessories, however, combined with a complimentary eye and lip colour, will take the outfit to whole different level of perfection.


Gold tone diamante dome ring – River Island – €10.00
statement necklace – River Island – €26.00
Statement Earrings – River Island – €17.00
Gold hair piece – H&M – €3.50







Silver Necklace – Topshop – €27.00
Grey multi-draped chain statement necklace – River Island – €37.00
Grey filigree diamante statement ring – River Island – €13.00
Silver tone diamante hinged ring – River Island – €13.00




Head scarf – Lush – €5
Gold tone heart stud hoop earrings – River Island – €10.00
Gold watch – River Island – €33.00
Arrow midi-ring – Topshop –  €6.50
Midi gold rings – Topshop – €6.50
Gold chain – Rhinestones – €45.00






Models: Alexandra Archbold & Fionnuala Kenny
Photographer: Joanna O’Malley
Make-up Artist: Gill Lambert
Hair stylist: Christina Orwell
Chief Stylist: Christin McWeeney
Fashion Editor: Emily Mullen