Based in Rome since 1864, Peroni is Italy’s premier brewing company, renowned for its Nastro Azzurro lager which is smooth, highly drinkable and widely available. Less known, though equally deserving of praise if not more so, is Peroni’s Gran Riserva Doppio Malto, a double malt premium lager.

The Gran Riserva is an award winning Italian beer and it’s easy to see why. This 6.6% strong lager has a crisp, dark, malty flavour. It has a much deeper, richer, fuller flavour than you’d expect from a lager. This is a result of the recipe using only malt, without any unmalted cereals being added.

Available in a 330ml bottle, served chilled, this is the perfect accompaniment to hearty meat or rich pasta dishes. Don’t be put off by the smaller bottle size. This packs the same punch as 500ml of your standard lager.