Hobgoblin is the flagship ale of the Wychwood Brewery in Oxfordshire, who have been crafting ales since 1983. They pride themselves on their characterful ales with a quirky side and their website is a prime example of their sense of humour.

Hobgoblin looks the way an ale should with its dark ruby red colour and axe-wielding goblin on the label. The taste is no different with 5.2% ABV, a distinctive hopsy bitterness and deep, full-bodied flavour. Following from this sharpness, there is a hint of sweet chocolate that adds another layer to the character of the ale.

It is best served at room temperature or slightly below and goes very well with a beef stew or can be enjoyed by itself. It is widely available in 500ml bottles in most off-licences and supermarkets and is the perfect ale for dark winter nights.