As Movember comes to a close, many men will find themselves with an option to let it rejoin its old friend or slice it off. Seán McGovern looks at the latter option

6a00d83451e44269e20105362aa562970b-800wiThe important thing whether you keep it or remove your beard or mo’ is just how exactly to treat your skin when it comes to shaving. For a visual step by step guide to just what exactly it takes, head straight to . An invaluable source for so many of life’s questions, Videojug acts as a video guide from things like pre-shave, wet shave and post-shave skin care. It even gives advice as how to treat unfavorable skin problems as a result of shaving, such as ingrown hairs. For men with thick or coarse hair, just like on their head and body, the beard is no different. Some important advice is always to go in the direction of the hair’s natural grain, taking note of the parts on your face where there is a natural deviation in the grain.But just like most personal hygiene regimes, shaving can’t be rushed and the intricate running order creates the best possible shaving result.

While there are many ways and suggestions of how to get the perfect shave, there’s some advice out there that’s always worth taking note of.

  1. It’s best to shave after a shower as the heat and steam from the water softens the hairs and opens the pores, meaning the shave will feel instantly more comfortable as a result.
  2. A sharp razor is always the best, and unfortunately razor blades are terribly expensive. Quality disposable razors are fine to use as well as all the blade heads for Gilette (if you’re not Henry boycotting) and Wilkonson Sword models. When there is a dullness in cutting of the blade you’ll know it’s time to get a new one.
  3. Don’t just plaster on the shaving foam or gel. It’s worthwhile to take a moment and lather up the face nicely and to coat each hair. Experts advice a shaving brush, but for most of us this is more of a luxury item.
  4. Both an after shave balm and a moisturiser are advised, as the balm soothes the skin and closes pores while the moisturiser coats the skin with the important oils that shaving  would have taken away from the skin.
  5. For the coarse hairs, and to prevent ingrown ones, its  recommended to use a facial exfoliant once or twice a week to remove layers of dead skin cells and keep the hairs growing correctly in their natural directions. Don’t overuse as the natural abrasiveness means the skin has repair and remoisturise afterwards.

Alternatively, many barbershops in the city centre specialise in hot towel shaves, most notably the Turkish barbers, as a Turkish shave is a luxury treatment in itself, it’s worthwhile to look around as prices depend on where you go. The average seems to be about twenty euro, so in the meantime we’d best stick to that big bag of bic razor blades.