Review: Bastille - Bad Blood'

First overheard in the background of an awkward pause in Made in Chelsea, this London-based foursome has steadily grown in popularity since then. With the intoxicating single 'Flaws' already topping the charts, they are certainly paving their way into the world of the music industry. Offering a mixture of mellow sounds with bursts of pop and electronic influences, Bastille are playing up to the public’s insatiable appetite.The opening track 'Pompeii' is an upbeat introduction to the album with Dan Smith’s easily identifiable voice smoothly matching the backing vocals and drums without fault. The recapitulation of ‘‘eh-ohs’’ in a minor tone draws the song together in a dark yet upbeat manner.This continues with the albums stand out track: ‘Things We Lost in the Fire’. Although there are very clear indie vibes, the drums and harmonies throughout this song are what it makes it an upbeat, well-rounded record. The tone mellows in a church-like vibe with a choir-sounding introduction of ‘Icarus’, which quickly amplifies into a strong rhythm returning to the trademark drumbeat which is heard on each track.Rounding off the debut offering, ‘Daniel in the Den’ opens with strong piano and ascends into vocal layering and electro beats, giving the melody a modern twist. The album closes with ‘Laura Palmer’ and ends the record on a high, with soaring vocals bringing it to an atmospheric close.In a Nutshell: This first offering is definitely worth a listen; it oozes potential and modern day musical intelligence.

By Aimee Ward