TV | Back To Normality

Following a summer of horrific TV. Kimberley Foy senses that good times are on their way...Having spent the last three months scraping the lowest recesses of the barrel, you’d be forgiven for thinking that RTE had a whole lot of amends to be making.With the exception of the most interesting Olympics ever, and the odd episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the staple of any good TV diet, TV License payers and non-payers alike were left completely in limbo with no discernable entertainment on offer.Viewers were left with an acute hatred of one imbecile in particular, Baz. There were many things very wrong with Fáilte Towers, the so-called celebrities for example, who are possibly the most uncelebrated people on this island. Pitchforks anyone?The concept itself was daft, but to truly be the flaming disaster it was, one man was required and that big-eared fool was Baz.Holding the record as the single worst presenter to have ever graced the airwaves, and that includes P. Kenny in the count folks, the poor guy clearly has about has much talent as a one-armed rower.With no plans for a Fáilte Towers follow-up as yet announced, it would appear that purgatory is finally over and with Home and Away back on our screens where it should be (Whoop!), it would seem that normality is set to return to Radio Telefís Éireann.Indeed, there may be much to look forward to. If you didn’t happen to catch the most talented woman in RTE last time around then shame on you.Not to worry though, I’m reliably informed that the comic genius that is Katherine Lynch is back with her follow up to Katherine Lynch’s Working Girls, Katherine Lynch’s Wonderwomen. Of everything soon to be served up by RTE, this is not to be missed.Interestingly RTE has also given the green light to an Irish version of the very successful BBC Series Who Do You Think You Are?, in which celebrities, by which I mean people who are actually famous, research their ancestry, while the by now rather passed-it’s-glory The Panel will move to RTE One.Also in the grand tradition of homegrown dramas that suddenly began around 2006, the new season will see the launch of a new drama RAW chronicling the messy lives of the staff of a Dublin Restaurant. Yawn.Strangely the new season will also see the return of 90210, that’s Beverly Hills 90210. Now where did I leave my Sky remote…?