Avant-garde eateries in Dublin

The food scene in Dublin, like any other modern city, is increasingly becoming more eclectic. This eclecticism is not only in diverse food options but also in innovative ways of using interesting ingredients in dishes.

Masa on Drury Street catches one’s eye with its minimalist metallic signpost. As you wander in, the functional decor and the tropical garden in the centre makes you wonder if the food will be as Mexican as the interior. Indeed! Their range of delightfully low priced tacos and quesadillas is quite a revelatory experience. What set it apart from other Mexican restaurants for me was the freshly made tortillas, whose taste holds the almost smoky taste of maize and coarseness that gives it an automatic authentic feel. The highlight of one’s meal here can be the flawless churros, straight out of a frying pan and coated in brown sugar. The idea of a proper taqueria in Dublin is unique in itself, and Masa delivers.

Another place that caught my attention is Meet Me in the Morning, an easy-breezy café on Pleasants Street. It was voted the Best Café in Dublin in 2017, and having visited it for a casual Sunday brunch, I can see why. The ingredients used in the dishes are all locally sourced from organic farms, and at times even foraged by co-owner and chef, Kevin Powell. This quirky-cool manner of picking ingredients ensures that the dishes on the menu are seasonal and of freshest quality, and in no way compromises with the taste. Every bite offers a fresh burst of taste. The homely structure of the café renders it an endearing quality and will for sure make you go again, if only for Powell’s foraging lessons.

The Seafood Café on Temple Bar is the third food venture by Niall Sabongi, and trumps all other seafood places in the city for me. The unparalleled charm of the place is not limited to its Hawaiian classy setup; rather every offering on its eloquent menu holds promise of a delightful experience. All seafood used in the lip-smacking dishes is locally sourced, and every single dish I have tried here, in my multiple visits, has been memorable. The restaurant’s quirky cocktail menu features a Bloody Mary (with a slice of raw salmon!) that will make you go tomatoes for it!

With a growing demand for parallel foods, standing out is a must for new Dublin restaurants and these places ace the delivery!