Arts Ball cancelled due to poor ticket sales

THE ARTS SOCIETY’S annual ball has “officially been cancelled”, according to Arts Society (Arts Soc) Auditor, Jonny Cosgrove. This news comes after the original Arts Ball, scheduled for the 4th of February, had been postponed due to poor ticket sales. “It’s a massive blow to us,” admitted Mr Cosgrove. “I’m absolutely gutted. Myself and the committee put in a hell of a lot work and it would have brilliant but with the times it just couldn’t work.”The primary reason outlined by the Arts Society for its postponement was a failure to reach their projected ticket sales target. “People just couldn’t afford it,” explained Mr Cosgrove. “People just don’t have enough money at moment, especially after Christmas.”Mr Cosgrove also stated that a clash with a performance by X-Factor finalists, JLS further harmed ticket sales for the ball. “Lots of people decided that they could just go next year instead because the Arts Ball would always be there. The timing was just unfortunate.”Initially, the ball was delayed for a short time in an attempt to boost ticket sales however when these did not materialise ArtsSoc was faced with a dilemma. “At the end of the day I had to make the call about whether we were going to have the Arts Ball on that date and risk losing a lot of money on. We decided to do damage control.”Though specific amounts cannot be disclosed, it is understood that the Arts Soc have taken a considerable financial hit from the cancellation. Despite this setback, Mr Cosgrove was keen to stress that it was not an insurmountable blow. “From talking to other auditors, I know that most balls have suffered and ran losses,” he stated. “The ball is one of our premier events and also with the amount of work we’ve put in I couldn’t see us not trying to make an attempt at something.”Though it was hinted that alternative dates and locations had initially been looked into in an attempt to create a “cost effective ball”, The University Observer now understands that the Arts Society will try to incorporate a ball styled event into Arts Week.“The Arts Week was already planned but now we’re going to try and work that into it just so we can give them something back,” explained Mr Cosgrove. “We seek rock bottom prices. All our 30 events so far have been five euro but the one thing we couldn’t bring down to a fiver was the ball.”