‘Artistry Ardour’ - an online exhibition by UCD DrawSoc

Image Credit: Chloe Slevin

Today the very first online exhibition by UCD DrawSoc goes live. ‘Artistry Ardour’ is a showcase of student’s artwork created over the last few weeks in lockdown, as a replacement to their annual exhibition during the second semester.

UCD DramSoc’s exhibition will showcase original pieces online over the course of two weeks. The works exhibited are compiled by seven artists from different schools and courses across UCD. All works were created during the global shutdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and many pieces respond to the emotional, political and social upheaval it caused.

Eirene Susan Varghese is studying architecture, specialising in Urban and Regional Planning. Using sketching with ink and chalk as a meditative process, she has created three drawings with a wildlife theme.

Cillian O'Donoghue is currently doing a PhD in Environmental Policy and draws and illustrates in his spare time. His drawings capture the interactions and environments of daily life, as well as interesting characters, captured in portraits of bold colours.

Aishwarya Lyer is a student of Plant Biotechnology who is passionate about art and medicine. Her whimsical pieces are full of colour and depict different states of mind.

Ruchi Bhasin presents a series of ink sketches expressing our different emotions ‘as a response to experience and the perception of time spent feeling a certain way’. 

Michaela Roche is an Irish artist who creates portraits and surrealist drawings. She uses ink and a paintbrush, as well as digital art for her pieces. Her art pulls you into a contemporary world of purple imagination.

Juliet Tosini is studying Biology, while nurturing a passion for art. With an online platform and ambitions to sell some works in the future, this exhibition is just the beginning.

Chloe Slevin (piece pictured above) is studying Children's and General Nursing. Drawing from experience of working on the frontline, her art takes a look at famous paintings in the context of her everyday experience during a global pandemic.

Each piece will be available to buy, creating the possibility of experiencing one beyond the screen.

The exhibition will be held on the Draw Soc Instagram page - find it here