Are bachelor’s degrees necessary in the working world?

Image Credit: Joshua Hoehne via Unsplash

Cara McHugh investigates the growing trend of ridding this educational requirement

Without a doubt, there is a flawed perception of bachelor’s degrees and their importance in Ireland. For many years, a BA has been a traditional rite of passage which has plagued the goals, career pathways, and lives of young Irish people. They are left convinced that an undergraduate qualification is the only means of obtaining employment. However, based on recent studies it is evident that it is quite the contrary, with an increasing number of businesses opting to relinquish this requirement from their criteria. 

According to People Management, a UK business tabloid, employment advertisements have been progressively prioritising an individual’s proficient skill-set rather than their degree status. The news outlet discusses that globally “employers are five times more likely to search by skills over degrees”. In the eyes of employers of the modern working world, a candidate’s expertise is weighing up strongly against their educational background. Businesses can reap the benefits of a vibrant team by creating a workforce enriched by multi-talented employees. 

A hunger for stability leads young people to quash their true interests and passions, shielding their dexterities from businesses that are crying out for experienced and adept workers. Indeed, it would be advisable for students to not feel constricted by their degree but to be open to branching away from their area of study. Unfortunately, a stereotype has emerged that students should ‘get their money’s worth’ by remaining within the careers set out by their degree course. For example, if a student is completing a Bachelor of Arts degree but feels that they would have more potential in the field of science, they should not suppress this passion but pursue it! Nowadays, internships and apprenticeships can be obtained through a display of sheer motivation and interest in a particular discipline - rather than simply through a similar educational background.

It would be advisable for students to not feel constricted by their degree.

Despite many young people earning a bachelor's degree, they should not assume that this status guarantees employment. Students should constantly be proving their drive through events and professional experiences that can showcase their dexterity, subsequently enhancing their CV and career opportunities. Indeed, maintaining a strong work ethic and a veritable determination is in fact the real bread winning strategy.