Clash of Clans (Free)

A playful epic campaign game reminiscent of the old-school PC favourite Age of Empires, Clans allows you to build your own town, play offline by defeating the goblin hoards and play online with friends to build alliances and challenge other clans worldwide. This week’s update has seen the strategy game top the highest grossing charts.

Hill Climb Racing (Free)

The physics based driving game has shot straight to the top of free charts after a rating of 4.5/5 from 4,930 ratings. The concept is as simple as the gameplay. You must drive uphill and avoid toppling over, whilst upgrading your between levels. It is surprisingly addictive.
Verticus (€0.89)

Falling, in style. This week’s most exciting addition is brought to you by Stan Lee, the hero behind Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Avengers. Lee devises a brand new comic story featuring you as the superhero, Verticus, who is charged with saving the planet from evil aliens. Lee also provides delightful voiceovers from the commander. With awesome gameplay and fantastic comic-book visuals, this title seems the full package.
Real Boxing (€4.49)

The greatest boxing experience available on iOS has been released this week. Comparable to the Fight Night series on console, Real Boxing allows you to model your own boxer and guide him to glory, starting at rookie tournaments and advancing to professional boxing as the boxer grows. Fights are intuitively designed to generate a great boxing experience, leading Apptudes to declare it “arguably the best sports game we’ve seen in four years of App Store releases. An absolute must-buy for boxing fans”
Asphault 7: Heat (Free)

Gameloft’s latest version of their hit arcade-style racing franchise has just gone free. The game looks stunning, with plenty of new cars and tracks. There are 60 cars to choose from, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, BMWs and even the DeLorean. Well worth picking up, particularly since the recent price change.